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Beaver Stump Grinding... Price Quotes

We price stump removal based on a few simple characteristics:

  • The overall size of the stump (see correct measuring below)

  • The type of tree it was

  • How old and rotted the stump is

  • Does it have any "feeder" roots

  • Is it accessible by our machine

  • Are there any other stumps in the neighborhood that we
    can do at the same time

  • Larger jobs with multiple stumps could receive quantity discounts

Call our office anytime for a free no obligation quote at: 845-758-5400.

If you would like a quote even quicker you can email us a picture of your tree stump with a few additional pictures so we can assess how accessible the stump is and we can give you a quote over the phone. This will result in us giving you a quote quicker rather than waiting for an appointment to come see it. Your time and our time is valuable so this provides you with one more option to get the quote you need as fast as possible. No obligation at all, just email:



















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